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I can learn even when I’m afraid

I really don’t mind cutting the grass. I could manage pretty well on the riding mower we used to have. I could climb in the saddle, take the reins and we’d giddie up. The new mower scares me to death. It’s wide, loud and doesn’t have reins (steering wheel) like the old one. Today was the day to end my fears and climb on the new buckaroo!

Hubby patiently gave it the once over, and assured me I’d do just fine. We started it up and off I went… and he watched me for 10 minutes to make sure I’d be okay. As he walked away, I saw a small nod of approval.

After 20 or 30 minutes, my numb hands told me I had a death grip on the levers. Once I relaxed, I realized I didn’t have anything to be afraid of, and Hubby was just a shout away. Before I knew it, I was zooming along at full throttle, whipping in and out of trees and such. What had made me so afraid? As I made pass after pass, I began to think about that fear. I remembered I had ‘the mind of Christ’ and ‘with him all things are possible’. If I would have just told myself that in the first place, that first 20 or 30 minutes would have been spent talking to God instead of talking myself out of jumping off at the next turn.

1 Corinthians 2:16
Philippians 4:13

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Don’t forget to wash behind your ears

This is the second part of my ‘shower’ story. The first is in “Hot and Cold Running Water”.

I was in the shower, having this great talk with God about a meeting I was to attend. Some people sing, but I think and pray. I was thinking the water had a calming effect, but realized it was just the presence of God. He really is everywhere, ready for us to acknowledge Him.

I opened the shower door and started to step out when I realized I had not rinsed my face. What a weird thing! That’s always the first thing I do – wash my face. I stepped back in, turned the water back on and heard clear as day, “I can’t wash your sins away until you forgive.” WOW is an understatement.

It’s always a blessing to hear from God, but this day, He really got me. I knew just what He was talking about. A subject I had been avoiding in my conversations with Him. But I got it. Standing there, letting the water rinse the soap from my face, I prayed for help to forgive the situation that had been laying heavy on my heart. Before I left the shower, the soap was not the only thing that went down the drain.

Forgiveness is sometimes a hard thing for me. There have been times in my life when the unthinkable has happened, but as I look back, Jesus was there at every turn. Even before I knew Him, He was there. The most important thing I have learned about forgiveness is that you can’t get it if you don’t give it. And even when I don’t deserve it, God gives it to me anyway.

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Hot and Cold Running Water

Important meeting this morning and I was a little nervous. As I stepped into the shower, I began to pray for a favorable outcome (we were asking for grant money!). And wouldn’t you know it, God met me right there, standing under the spray.

I don’t like asking for money. I am not a sales person. Ask me about my kids, grandkids, my husband or our ministry, I’ll talk your ear off.  But money, yuck! As I was having this conversation with God, I adjusted the temperature of the water. (I am a multi tempature showerer. I’m always changing from warm to hot to cool.)

Today as I reached for the knob, God reminded me of a conversation I had with my grandson about our wells. I explained that we were lucky enough to get our water right from God; it didn’t have to come all the way from the city. There were big caverns of water right under our house. To a 10 year old, that was pretty cool… and this grandma who grew up in a big city thinks so too!

When God is getting my attention, my thoughts jump from one thing to another (more than usual). After the well water, I started to think of the Living Water of Jesus. Living Water? To me, it’s another definition of God’s Mercy and Grace that renews each day. Then I saw it: I was standing under a shower of some of God’s best gifts. And if he could do that for me, why would I even be concerned about the outcome of a meeting when He had already designed the outcome. I had prayed before I wrote the grant, asking if it was the right thing to do. I prayed while preparing the proposal and prayed when I mailed it. I was all prayed up. Now I just needed to leave it to the Master.

Walking with God is so easy. I don’t know why I make it so hard for myself sometimes. I am thankful for a patient God who loves me unconditionally… even on my slow days.

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