Hot and Cold Running Water

Important meeting this morning and I was a little nervous. As I stepped into the shower, I began to pray for a favorable outcome (we were asking for grant money!). And wouldn’t you know it, God met me right there, standing under the spray.

I don’t like asking for money. I am not a sales person. Ask me about my kids, grandkids, my husband or our ministry, I’ll talk your ear off.  But money, yuck! As I was having this conversation with God, I adjusted the temperature of the water. (I am a multi tempature showerer. I’m always changing from warm to hot to cool.)

Today as I reached for the knob, God reminded me of a conversation I had with my grandson about our wells. I explained that we were lucky enough to get our water right from God; it didn’t have to come all the way from the city. There were big caverns of water right under our house. To a 10 year old, that was pretty cool… and this grandma who grew up in a big city thinks so too!

When God is getting my attention, my thoughts jump from one thing to another (more than usual). After the well water, I started to think of the Living Water of Jesus. Living Water? To me, it’s another definition of God’s Mercy and Grace that renews each day. Then I saw it: I was standing under a shower of some of God’s best gifts. And if he could do that for me, why would I even be concerned about the outcome of a meeting when He had already designed the outcome. I had prayed before I wrote the grant, asking if it was the right thing to do. I prayed while preparing the proposal and prayed when I mailed it. I was all prayed up. Now I just needed to leave it to the Master.

Walking with God is so easy. I don’t know why I make it so hard for myself sometimes. I am thankful for a patient God who loves me unconditionally… even on my slow days.

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