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I can learn even when I’m afraid

I really don’t mind cutting the grass. I could manage pretty well on the riding mower we used to have. I could climb in the saddle, take the reins and we’d giddie up. The new mower scares me to death. It’s wide, loud and doesn’t have reins (steering wheel) like the old one. Today was the day to end my fears and climb on the new buckaroo!

Hubby patiently gave it the once over, and assured me I’d do just fine. We started it up and off I went… and he watched me for 10 minutes to make sure I’d be okay. As he walked away, I saw a small nod of approval.

After 20 or 30 minutes, my numb hands told me I had a death grip on the levers. Once I relaxed, I realized I didn’t have anything to be afraid of, and Hubby was just a shout away. Before I knew it, I was zooming along at full throttle, whipping in and out of trees and such. What had made me so afraid? As I made pass after pass, I began to think about that fear. I remembered I had ‘the mind of Christ’ and ‘with him all things are possible’. If I would have just told myself that in the first place, that first 20 or 30 minutes would have been spent talking to God instead of talking myself out of jumping off at the next turn.

1 Corinthians 2:16
Philippians 4:13

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