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Make sure your tank’s full

When we lived in the city, it would take 30 minutes to cut and trim our lawn. Of course, the boys would make much more of it, often stretching it out for half the day. If you’re outside cutting the lawn, you can’t be given another chore, right? But here at God’s Woody Acres, we cut almost 8 acres each week. Unfortunately, those young men who were so handy on our fifth of an acre home are now grown and mowing lawns of their own. I am extremely thankful for a husband who does some of his best talking to The Father while he’s riding the John Deere.

Today as I took the throttle, as part of my tutorial of how to cut grass, he showed me all the buttons, gears and levers of his prized mower. I realized I need to pay better attention so I can help him even when he’s not home – but that’s another story. One of the things he did was check to make sure I had enough fuel. As I rode off into the sun (yes, sun, not sunset), I thought about how important it is to keep our fuel gauge on FULL. Being filled with the Word of God keeps our eyes on the prize, defends against attacks and illness, and allows peace and joy to infiltrate our soul, just like gas works for motors.

Hebrews 4:12

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