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The Empty Tomb and Easter Eggs?

When my children were small, I thought being a good parent meant taking them to all the community Easter Egg hunts. Growing up in a large metropolitan area, that meant a LOT of plastic eggs at the end of the day! And of course there was the trip to the mall where we waited in line for an adorable picture of my children sitting on a furry animal’s lap. (Why do we tell our kids to stay away from strangers and then force them to sit on a bunny or Santa’s lap just for a picture? But that will probably be a future post.)

Looking back, I had it all so wrong.

But that was before Jesus!

If I could do it all over again, I might use plastic eggs since they’re so readily available this time of year. Instead of filling the eggs with candy, I would fill them with scripture messages of love and hope. Easter isn’t about colorful eggs; it’s about a risen Savior who loves us unconditionally.

I wouldn’t fill dozens of eggs for each child; we have ONE God who provides for us abundantly. Each child would get one very special egg as remembrance of the One who died for them.

easter egg and tomb

I wouldn’t make a game of hiding and seeking the eggs; Jesus is ever-present, we only have to look to see the impact He has over every aspect of our lives. A simple tomb could not hold our Messiah! Their special ‘Egg’ would not be placed on a mantle or under a bushel. I’m not sure where I would put it, maybe at the breakfast table, since He is the Bread of Life. Or on the sink since He is our Living Water. Where the eggs would have been is not as important as why the eggs were there.

Doing it all over again, I’d tell them about Jesus and not the Easter Bunny. Jesus has forgiven so many of my blunders. While I can’t turn back the years to their childhood, I CAN hope to get it better with my grandchildren. Pray for me, won’t you?

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Hot and Cold Running Water

Important meeting this morning and I was a little nervous. As I stepped into the shower, I began to pray for a favorable outcome (we were asking for grant money!). And wouldn’t you know it, God met me right there, standing under the spray.

I don’t like asking for money. I am not a sales person. Ask me about my kids, grandkids, my husband or our ministry, I’ll talk your ear off.  But money, yuck! As I was having this conversation with God, I adjusted the temperature of the water. (I am a multi tempature showerer. I’m always changing from warm to hot to cool.)

Today as I reached for the knob, God reminded me of a conversation I had with my grandson about our wells. I explained that we were lucky enough to get our water right from God; it didn’t have to come all the way from the city. There were big caverns of water right under our house. To a 10 year old, that was pretty cool… and this grandma who grew up in a big city thinks so too!

When God is getting my attention, my thoughts jump from one thing to another (more than usual). After the well water, I started to think of the Living Water of Jesus. Living Water? To me, it’s another definition of God’s Mercy and Grace that renews each day. Then I saw it: I was standing under a shower of some of God’s best gifts. And if he could do that for me, why would I even be concerned about the outcome of a meeting when He had already designed the outcome. I had prayed before I wrote the grant, asking if it was the right thing to do. I prayed while preparing the proposal and prayed when I mailed it. I was all prayed up. Now I just needed to leave it to the Master.

Walking with God is so easy. I don’t know why I make it so hard for myself sometimes. I am thankful for a patient God who loves me unconditionally… even on my slow days.

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